SWEAT II, a broadside collaboration. Works include "Flamingos," "Great Blue Heron," "Mangrove Seedling" and "Pelican," with Liz Atlan; "Sweet Potato Plant" with Lea Nickless; and "Song" with Veronica Pesantes, 2014

The Poetry Project - a poetry/dance collaboration with the Momentum Dance Company, Miami, 2014 & 2016

101 Dresses - a fable - with Brazilian artist Adriana Carvalho exhibited at the ArtCenter/South Florida, 2012

Little Rose and The Giant - a fable written with Adriana Carvalho, exhibited at Art Live Fair, Miami, 2012




Book Review of The Rattling Window by Catherine StaplesPrime Number Magazine

"Dirty Dancing (Baby, Oh, Baby!)" - For Chick Flix, Delirious Hem

"Making Peace with Running" - Essays by Women About Running, and i ran